Corporate Bonds

Corporate bonds are a form of companies borrowing money in order to raise finance. When you invest in a Corporate bond you are lending company capital in return for regular interest payments. They are attractive to investors because they offer a high yield fixed income.

With investment, your capital is at risk. No FSCS cover. Invest via our Notes.

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You no longer need hundreds of thousands to invest in corporate bonds. We've liberated the market for the everyday investor with no hidden fees or charges.

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Should you want to withdraw your funds early, you can put your investments for sale on our market. Liquidity not guaranteed.

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Established Companies

Invest in long-established household names, rated by S&P, Fitch and Moody’s.

Learn more about corporate bonds

Our aggregate corporate bond market statistics aims to give clarity to investors over this previously elusive asset class. Our resources below aim to educate investors on corporate bonds and corporate bond investing.

What are corporate bonds?

When you invest in a corporate bond you are lending that company capital. In return, the company will pay you regular interest payments until they repay the full amount they borrowed.

How to invest in corporate bonds

  1. Open an account
  2. Select your investment
  3. Receive regular interest
  4. Sell or hold to maturity

Benefits of corporate bonds

  • Solid Returns
  • Predictable Income
  • Well known brand name corporates
  • Easy diversification within corporate bonds

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What type of corporate bonds can I invest in?

The WiseAlpha marketplace currently has over 91 different corporate bonds available for investment, with a variety of risk and reward.

See our corporate bond marketplace


Diversify your portfolio by investing across 15 different industries including automotive, travel, property and retail.

Asset Security

We offer a large selection of senior secured bonds which have security over the assets of the company. Please note some bonds are unsecured.


Earn up-to 3-12% based on your chosen investments.


We have bonds available in both GBP and EUR.

Investment Horizons

We offer bonds that have have short (<3yr), mid (up to 7yr) and long term maturity dates (7yr plus)


Most of our corporate bonds have independent Credit Ratings from Moodys, S&P, and Fitch

How much does it cost?

Interest from WiseAlpha Notes are currently paid without any tax being deducted. Any income you earn from your investments form part of your overall income and is subject to personal taxation rules.

Please note this is our fee structure for our fractional bond (Notes) product and Robowise only. Our Smart Interest product has its own fees.

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At WiseAlpha we earn when you earn. We charge 1% on your initial investment but only take our fee when you’ve been paid.

* Our service fee falls from a maximum of 1% down to 0.25% for investors who have over £500,000.
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Early Sales Fee

If you decide to sell your investments before maturity on our secondary market, we may charge a 0.25% sales fee which will be deducted from the proceeds of the sale.

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We've liberated the corporate bond market for the everyday investor with no hidden fees or charges.