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  1. 1 Wide coverage of the UK corporate bond market
  2. 2 Returns between 2.9%* and 14.0%*
  3. 3 Investments in £ and €

Remember our Notes (fractions of bonds) are investments, not savings or protected bank deposits. Capital at risk. No FSCS cover. See Risk Statement and FAQs.

* Lowest and highest Yield to Maturity of bonds on the market. Pre-tax and fees. Prices can go up or down.

We make bonds affordable for everybody

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Step 1

We buy a corporate bond for £100,000

Global banks control the corporate bond market and generally only allow minimum purchase sizes of £100,000+ preventing everyday investors from getting access

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Step 2

We split the corporate bond into 1p fractions

Investors on our platform purchase Notes, which correspond to fractions of corporate bonds, and gain access to a wide range of bonds from some of the UK's largest companies

Step 3

You can invest from as little as £100

You can buy multiple corporate bond fractions to create a diversified portfolio that delivers solid, predictable income.

Benefits of Corporate Bonds

Historical Returns of UK Equities and Corprate Bonds

High yield corporate bonds have outperformed UK equities and investment-grade bonds over the last 20 years both in terms of returns and price volatility. Learn more

Source: Bloomberg and ICE Data Services. Data as of 15 July 2019.

Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance. You should not rely on past performance as a guarantee of future investment performance.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Got questions? We’ve got answers.

What is WiseAlpha?

We're the UK's leading digital bond market giving investors access to the world of corporate bonds. Our members can invest in well known British brand name companies via our Notes (which correspond to fractions of bonds) or through other WiseAlpha Products. Investors now have the ability to access one of the most attractive mainstream asset classes and are now able to build affordable and diversified portfolios. In this way WiseAlpha is leading the way in democratising what we believe is one of the best risk-adjusted asset classes.

What is WiseAlpha offering as an investment?

Members can invest in fractions of corporate bonds through our Note(s). Please note that references on the WiseAlpha platform to corporate bonds refer to our Notes (which correspond to fractions of bonds)

Our members can also use our Robowise automated investment service which diversifies their money across different Notes on the market and gives them the choice of two income portfolios: Balanced or Adventurous.

The Notes are issued by WiseAlpha Limited (BVI), which is a bankruptcy remote special purpose passthrough vehicle. WiseAlpha Technologies Limited (UK) promotes and arranges investments in the Notes. Only WiseAlpha Technologies is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FRN:751087)

Members can also invest in our managed Smart Interest Bond product which offers different fixed rates for terms between 1, 3, 5 and 7 years. This product is also available for IF ISA and SIPP account holders. The Bonds are issued by WiseAlpha Investments (BVI) and promoted and arranged by WiseAlpha Technologies. Only WiseAlpha Technologies is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FRN:751087).

Where is my money held?

WiseAlpha utilises the services of Global Custodial Services Limited (“GCS”) to provide a segregated custodial client account (held with Santander plc) for un-invested members' cash. GCS is authorised and regulated by the FCA to hold client money. WiseAlpha Limited, which issues the Notes (fractions of each bond) for our members to invest in holds the bonds it acquires with high grade global bank custodians in the same way as a fund.

Am I investing or am I lending?

As a member you are not 'lending' to a corporate borrower. Instead, you are investing in fractions of corporate bonds via our Notes which are further described here. It is important that you read the Risk Statement, Investor Agreement and FAQs before investing.

When investing in our Smart Interest bond product you are investing in a bond issued by WiseAlpha Investment Limited that invests the proceeds in a diversified portfolio of corporate bonds and Notes.

Can the value of my Notes go up or down?

Yes, bond prices can go up or down based on factors which may include financial performance by companies, interest rates, changes in the economy and special events e.g. Brexit or a number of other variables. WiseAlpha updates the prices of the bonds daily between 8am and 10am that correspond to each Note. It is important to bear in mind that while prices might fluctuate during its life, bonds are contractually required to repay at par (i.e. 100 or face value) so there is an expectancy of capital return which is not the case with equities. Therefore price fluctuations tend not to be as volatile.

What happens if a borrower defaults?

A default is when a bond issuer has not met one or more covenants or scheduled payments under its bond agreement. Usually a bond issuer will inform its investors prior to when a default happens that this may occur. In this instance the bond agreement is usually amended by consent of the required number of investors but in the event this does not happen and an issuer breaches a covenant or payment it will be in default and investors can enforce their security over the assets of the company.

WiseAlpha as holder of the underlying bond will vote on any amendments to bond agreement and update our Note holders with any changes to the economic terms of your Notes as a result.

What are the Fees and Taxation?

Our Fees are described further here.


Interest from WiseAlpha Notes and WiseAlpha Investment Bonds is currently paid to investors without any tax being deducted.

Any income you earn from your investments in WiseAlpha Products forms part of your overall income and is subject to personal or corporation taxation rules. Interest payable to holders on money invested is charged to income tax in the tax year the interest is received. For example, interest received on 31 December 2018 is received in and taxable for the tax year 2018/19.

You should declare any interest and capital gains to the HM Revenue & Customs on a self-assessment tax return if you are an individual or inform your local tax office. If you are in any doubt about your tax position you should seek independent tax advice.

How do I access my Money?

Members wishing to sell their investments prior to their maturity dates can do so by creating a sell order on the Market page or relevant product page. Liquidity on our secondary market is dependent on there being an available and willing buyer at the market price. You will receive your cash in your account once another member has purchased the investments you are selling. To date everyone who has wanted to sell their investments has been able to do so. However, liquidity is not guaranteed.

WiseAlpha charges a 0.25% discount ("Sale Fee") to the prevailing market price on the amounts sold.

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Capital at risk. No FSCS cover. See Risk Statement and FAQs.