WiseAlpha is an innovative online investment platform that gives members the opportunity to earn attractive returns by investing in corporate loans and bonds of well known British brand name companies, via the issuance of its Notes.


Whether you are an individual saver, private family office, limited company or a third party asset manager you can access corporate loan and bond investments that until now only the largest financial institutions have had access to.


We believe that everyone should be able to generate a solid return on their money by having easy access to high quality investments.

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Earn attractive Interest on your Money

  • Best of BritishInvest in major British brand name companies
  • Solid ReturnsRegular interest income and attractive returns
  • Simple to useSimply manage your own investment portfolio
*Yield to maturity of the highest return investments on the wiseAlpha platform and is gross of taxation and our service fee and is calculated using the forecast Libor rates prevailing as at the date of publication 05/10/16. The range of investments on the wiseAlpha marketplace have yields to maturity ranging from 4.5% to 8.2% with maturities of between 2 and 6 years. Members of wiseAlpha should invest on the assumption they will hold these investments until maturity as there is a limited secondary market. Please bear in mind this does not constitute a guaranteed return and may be revised in the future. Please read our Investor Agreement, Terms & Conditions of the Notes, Risk Statement and FAQs before investing. Consider reviewing with an independent financial advisor prior to investing if in any doubt.