WiseAlpha API for Institutional Partners

Our revolutionary fractional bond trading platform is a world-first. Leverage our APIs to offer this innovative product to your users, gaining a clear strategic advantage above other investing platforms.

WiseAlpha API



Across £ and €


Executable Prices

Our Marketplace is always open


Minimum investment size

Don't need 100,000 £ or € per investment



Get Auth token to access your individual account

Manager Accounts facilitate creating accounts on your users' behalf

Use OAuth to create custom applications

Use OAuth to create custom applications

Wide coverage of the UK corporate bond market

Detailed Information for each Investment

Screen Investments by Coupon, Yield, Maturity or other attributes

Receive Interest Payments

Automated processing of interest payments

View interest payment schedules

Subscribe to events via Webhooks

Monitor Performance

Access up to date Portfolio Valuations

View Gain/Loss, Interest Earned, and Projected Annual Interest metrics

Download detailed Account Statements