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Intelligent, automated investing. Smart portfolio rebalancing. Automatic reinvestment. Robowise diversifies your money across different investments on the market giving you the choice of two income portfolios: Balanced or Adventurous.

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What can I earn with Robowise?

Corporate bonds are promises from a company to repay borrowed money and interest by agreed dates.

Balanced Portfolio


Yield to Maturity

Adventurous Portfolio


Yield to Maturity

*As with all investing your capital is at risk.

The rates shown are the average Yield to Maturity of the Fractional Bonds in each portfolio. They are pre-tax and Service fees. Any changes you make to the Robowise settings may also change the yield of each portfolio.

Finally please remember as with all investing your capital is at risk and there is no guarantee that your use of Robowise will achieve the stated yields which could be higher or lower.

How does it work?

Just three simple steps to setting up your portfolio.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Email our investing team if you have any unanswered questions.

What does Robowise do?

Robowise will automatically diversify and rebalance your portfolio on an ongoing basis as new investments come onto the WiseAlpha market or when more of existing investment listings become available. Diversification is an important tool that can help reduce overall risk.

Who is Robowise for?

Robowise is for those looking to invest a lump sum or who are time poor and want a simple automated approach to diversified investing.

How do I set up Robowise?

You can set up your Robowise portfolio settings and turn it on by visiting My Account -> Robowise Settings

You can choose from a balanced or adventurous income portfolio and set whether you want your interest and any capital repayments re-invested automatically on an ongoing basis.

You can turn Robowise off at any time.

How does the Robowise algorithm work?

Depending on which portfolio you select (either balanced or adventurous) Robowise will calculate your ideal amount per investment based on an even spread of money per investment from the amount you deposit into your account. If you are an existing user who already has a portfolio, the algorithm will use the total value of your current portfolio and un-invested cash to determine the amounts per investment.

All of the different investments listed on the WiseAlpha Main Market and the High Yield Market will be used to calculate your ideal amount per investment. The minimum ideal amount per investment is £10 and the minimum portfolio size is £100.

For the balanced portfolio these will be a pro rata split across the investments on the Main Market. For the adventurous portfolio the weighting of your money will be split 50% towards investments listed on the Main Market and 50% towards investments on the High Yield Market.

If not all of the investments listed on the market are available to invest in, your money will still be fully invested in the ones that are available until such time as more of the unavailable investments come onto the market. In addition, as new investments come onto the market, Robowise will automatically rebalance your portfolio to include them.

A tiered Annual Service Fee is taken based on all amounts invested and taken only when interest payments are made.

A 0.25% Sale Fee is taken only when you want to liquidate all or part of your portfolio. Transactions (buying and selling) employed by Robowise in order to diversify and maintain your portfolio do not incur Sales Fees.

Can I turn off Robowise and self-select my own portfolio?

Yes, you can switch off Robowise and manage your own portfolio at any time if you decide you want to self-select how your money is invested. You are able to monitor the investments in your portfolio at any time to help you make that decision.

What are the expected returns from Robowise?

During the set-up of Robowise you will be shown the yield to maturity (expected return to maturity) of each of the Balanced and Adventurous portfolio.

The current yield to maturity 5.64%* for the Balanced Income portfolio and 8.28%* for the Adventurous Income portfolio.

*As with all investing your capital is at risk and returns are not guaranteed. The advertised yield to maturity of the portfolio is gross of fees and tax.

Are Euro investments included in the Robowise portfolios?

At this time Euro investments are not included in the Robowise product. Separate Robowise Euro portfolios may be available in the future.

Will Robowise automatically re-invest my interest and any capital repayments?

If you choose this option during the Robowise set-up any interest or capital repayments will be automatically invested. If you want to withdraw the interest income you earn from your investments to supplement your personal income, then you should switch this option off.

What are the fees?

Tiered Annual Service Fee

Based only on all principal amounts of the Fractional Bonds invested. Fees are collected on a pro rata basis when a borrower makes an interest payment (this is either on a quarterly, semi-annual or annual basis).

Example calculation:

1) If you held £50,000 in principal amounts of Fractional Bonds you would be charged 1% on the first £20,000 and 0.75% on the next £30,000 giving an effective annual fee rate of 0.85%

2) if you held £120,000 in principal amounts of Fractional Bonds across all of your WiseAlpha accounts (regular, SIPP, ISA, Corporate) you would be charged 1% on the first £20,000, 0.75% on the next £30,000, 0.5% on the next £50,000 and 0.25% on the final £20,000 which would give an effective annual fee rate of 0.60%

A 0.25% Sale Fee is taken only when you want to liquidate all or part of your portfolio. Transactions (buying and selling) employed by Robowise in order to diversify and maintain your portfolio do not incur Sales Fees.

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