Wittur  (Germany)

Wittur International Holding GmbH



Status: Repaid


Maturity Date

15 Feb 2023

Repaid On

10 Oct 2019

Interest Period

6 months

Senior Unsecured






S&P:  CCC, Moody's:  Caa2

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Business Description

The Wittur Group, is a worldwide leading producer and supplier of elevator components. Founded 1968 in Germany, the group operates in Europe, Asia and Latin America and is headquartered in Wiedenzhausen, Germany.

Wittur started its business with the production of elevator doors only and has developed itself over time to an enterprise offering complete elevators and producing a wide range of elevator components such as:

  • Elevator doors (car doors and landing doors)
  • Lift machines
  • Safety devices (especially over-speed governors and safety gears)
  • Cars/Car slings
  • Shaft accessories
  • Complete elevator systems

Capital at risk. No FSCS cover. See Risk Statement.


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