Ocado  (UK)

Ocado Group plc



Status: Performing

All payments are on time


Maturity Date

15 Jun 2024

Next Interest Payment

15 Dec 2019

Interest Period

6 months

First ranking charge over company assets






Moody's:  Ba3, Fitch:  BB

15 Jun 2020 at 102
15 Jun 2021 at 101
15 Jun 2022 at 100

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Business Description

Ocado is the world’s largest dedicated online grocery retailer with over 580,000 active customers.

Headquartered in Hatfield, U.K., and founded in 2000, Ocado has been listed on the London Stock Exchange since July 2010 and is a member of the FTSE 100 index with a market capitalisation of £5.9 billion as of 1 November 2018.

Ocado's objective is to provide, at a low operating cost, their customers with the best proposition in online grocery shopping. They have developed a unique end-to-end operating solution for online grocery retail based on proprietary technology and IP, suitable for operating their own business and those of their commercial partners which include Morrisons (UK), ICA (Sweden), Groupe Casino (France), Sobeys (Canada) and Kroger (US).

Capital at risk. No FSCS cover. See Risk Statement.


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