Enterprise Inns  (UK)

Enterprise Inns plc



Status: Performing

All payments are on time


Maturity Date

26 Sep 2031

Next Interest Payment

26 Mar 2020

Interest Period

6 months

First ranking charge over company assets






S&P:  BB-, Moody's:  B1

* Current Yield and Yield to Maturity are an estimated return calculation and not guaranteed. All yields shown are gross of Taxation and our Service Fee.

Business Description

Enterprise Inns is the largest pub company in the UK, and owns around 5,000 properties that are predominantly run as leased and tenanted pubs. The company aims to partner with entrepreneurs passionate about pubs, by granting leases and tenancies to the best publicans. The company recruit high quality, commercially minded managers for their managed pubs, as well as collaborating with experienced experts in the pub industry.

The company has a team of over 500 people dedicated to supporting and empowering their publicans to run great pub businesses.

The business has historically focused on leased and tenanted pubs. They have an extensive range of tied agreements available allowing more choice for publicans. The company believes their leased and tenanted model makes running pub businesses more accessible than the purchase of a freehold, whilst providing the same feelings of ownership, autonomy and pride for their publicans that come from them building their own successful businesses. Together with providing the pub, the company offers a range of Special Commercial or Financial Advantage (SCORFA) benefits to their publicans, including investment, training, business support and other business building and cost saving opportunities, and they will continue to develop these benefits for their tied tenants.

Capital at risk. No FSCS cover. See Risk Statement.


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