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Arrow  (UK)

Arrow Global Finance plc



Status: Performing

All payments are on time


Maturity Date

15 Sep 2024

Next Interest Payment

15 Sep 2019

Interest Period

6 months

First ranking charge over company assets


Banks & Financials




S&P:  BB, Moody's:  Ba3

15 Sep 2019 at 102.563
15 Sep 2020 at 101.281
15 Sep 2021 at 100

* Current Yield and Yield to Maturity are an estimated return calculation and not guaranteed. All yields shown are gross of Taxation and our Service Fee.

Business Description

Arrow Global Group is a credit management services provider business that uses proprietary data and analytics capabilities to acquire and manage debt portfolios from banks, credit card companies and telecommunications businesses. It is listed on the London Stock Exchange and purchases secured and unsecured non-performing debt portfolios consisting of both consumer and SME accounts from across the UK and mainland Europe.

Arrow Global generates value in their business in two ways:

  • By buying debt at a discount from face value and using their expertise to help establish affordable repayment plans and settlements with customers. Arrow Global expects to collect approximately twice their investment over a period of 10 years.
  • By advising and managing debt portfolios on behalf of others and charging a fee for this service.

Capital at risk. No FSCS cover. See Risk Statement.


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