Arqiva  (UK)

Arqiva Broadcast Finance plc



Status: Performing

All payments are on time


Maturity Date

30 Sep 2023

Next Interest Payment

30 Mar 2020

Interest Period

6 months

First ranking charge over company assets


Entertainment, Media & Broadcasting




Moody's:  B2, Fitch:  B-

30 Sep 2020 at 103.375
30 Sep 2021 at 101.688
30 Sep 2022 at 100

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Business Description

Arqiva is a leading UK communications infrastructure company. It is a provider of telecom towers, with around 8,000 active licensed sites, and the only national provider of terrestrial television and radio broadcasting.

Their technology enables them to work with everyone from mobile network operators, such as BT-EE, Vodafone, O2 and Three to independent radio groups and major broadcasters, such as the BBC, ITV, Sky, Turner and CANAL+ to utility companies such as Thames Water. They provide digital and satellite services and distribution for international clients in Europe, the U.S., the Far East and Australia, including Turner and Canal+ and the Al Jazeera Network.

Arqiva is investing to ensure that the UK has the communications infrastructure it needs to thrive in an increasingly connected world. From carrying the BBC’s first television broadcast in 1936 to launching the UK’s national DAB radio and digital terrestrial television networks in the 2000s, they strive to continuously find ingenious and smarter ways to support their customers.

Capital at risk. No FSCS cover. See Risk Statement.


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