You could lose all of your money invested in these products. These are high-risk investments and are much riskier than a savings account.
Our product is only suitable for high net worth, self-certified sophisticated, advised, investment professionals and institutional investors.

IFAs, Affiliates and Referral Programs

WiseAlpha is committed to developing relationships with independent financial advisors who may wish to use our platform or promote our service to their existing clients. Our partnership efforts are generally focused on websites or companies that can refer prospective investors to invest in our Fractional Bonds. If you'd like to discuss partnership opportunities, please email us at To help us best route your request please include the following in your email:

  • Your company name and contact information (including FCA number where applicable);

  • The website(s) where you would like to promote WiseAlpha;

  • An overview of your product or service including information about your typical customer and which geographies you serve;

  • A description of how you would like to work with us.

We look forward to hearing from you and building a mutually beneficial relationship.