You could lose all of your money invested in these products. These are high-risk investments and are much riskier than a savings account.
Our product is only suitable for high net worth, self-certified sophisticated, advised, investment professionals and institutional investors.

Smart InterestTM

by WiseAlpha

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Remember Bonds are investments, not savings products and your capital is at risk. No FSCS cover. See Risk Statement and FAQs.

Smart InterestTM

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01 Jan 2018


  • Smart Interest by WiseAlpha is a selection tool for WiseAlpha Investment bonds. This product is also available in the High Yield IF ISA.
  • Proceeds are invested in the same investments on the WiseAlpha market and the bonds of other large UK corporates.
  • No services fees applied to this product. An early Sales Fee is applicable.
  • Minimum investment is £100 and the maximum is £5million.
  • Available to individual, corporate and SIPP account holders.
  • 100% track record: While past performance is no guarantee of the future no investor has ever lost any of their funds with WiseAlpha Limited.
  • WiseAlpha Investment bonds are not covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS). As these bonds are investments your capital may be at risk. Instant access not guaranteed.
  • WiseAlpha Investment Bonds are a separate type of investment to WiseAlpha plc’s Fractional Bonds programme that is also offered on the website.
  • Read FAQs below, Summary Information Memorandum , Full Terms and Conditions and Risk Summary .
  • The firm that is promoting the bonds and arranging your investment is WiseAlpha Technologies Limited is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FRN: 751087) for the associated activities it conducts. The bonds are unsecured and issued by WiseAlpha Limited (Company No. 12309433), which is not regulated by the FCA and does not offer any regulated services.


These FAQs give you important information to help you decide whether WiseAlpha Investment Bonds are right for you.
Smart InterestTM

Interest is calculated daily. We pay slightly higher rates of interest if you select your interest to be paid at Maturity.

For bonds selected to pay Maturity Interest we will credit the interest on the maturity of your bond. Interest is paid gross.

For bonds selected to pay Annual Interest we will credit the interest on each anniversary of your bond. Interest is paid gross.

A deposit of £1,000 at the annual Gross rates for the different terms is shown below:

This is for illustrative purposes only. (This illustrative example assumes no withdrawals, no changes to the fixed interest rate over the period and interest is paid annually on a cleared deposit. Interest is rounded to the nearest pound. The illustrative example does not take into account the individual circumstances of a customer.)

Yes you can. Learn more about how to open an IF ISA here.

You can only apply for this product online. Once your account is open, you can operate the account online through secure message, email or by telephone on +44 20 3927 2790. Minimum investment of £100. Maximum investment of £5,000,000. The account is only available to individuals who are 18 years of age or over.

Investment carries risk and your capital may be at risk. WiseAlpha Investment bonds are different from bank deposits and they are not covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS).

You can cash-out or sell your bond for an Early Sales Fee of 2.5% on our secondary market but liquidity may not always be available. In addition the ultimate annual interest rate you earn will be reduced to reflect the amount of time you actually ended up investing for and the rate that was applicable at the time you invested (for example, if you invested for a five year term but withdrew after a year, our system works out what you would have got had you invested for a year at the time of purchase and this is what you receive).

To see what your final capital and interest returns would be in the event of confirming an early withdrawal you can click the cash-out button which will clearly layout the associated charges for withdrawing early before you confirm the cashout.

As the interest rate is fixed, the interest rate cannot be changed over the term of the bond.