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Receive up to £250 Welcome Bonus (Sept 2017)

This offer applies to Qualifying Members who have placed an order to invest in Notes listed on the WiseAlpha platform between 00:01 on 25th Sept 2017 and 23:59 on 30th Nov 2017 (the “Offer Period”). The Welcome Bonus does not apply if the first investment in Notes is made after 30th Nov 2017.

1. This offer is open to new WiseAlpha members who open an investor account (“Qualifying Member”) and deposit funds during the Offer Period.

2. All members who meet the qualifying conditions are entitled to a Welcome Bonus following their first investments in Notes and the amount is dependent on the total size of the first investment made and held for at least one year:

Size of first investment Welcome Bonus
£1,000 - £4,999.99 £25
£5,000 - £9,999.99 £50
£10,000 - £14,999.99 £100
£15,000 - £19,999.99 £150
£20,000 - £24,999.99 £200
£25,000+ £250

3. The Welcome Bonus will be deposited into the Qualifying member’s account after 1 year and within 1 month of qualifying

  1. Qualifying members can request to sell their investments at any time, but the size of the Welcome Bonus will be calculated based on the lowest amount of investment held at any one time during the first year.
  2. A minimum of £1,000 must be invested to qualify for the welcome bonus.
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