WiseAlpha announces its latest partnership with CityFALCON

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WiseAlpha, the UK’s leading digital bond market platform, is delighted to announce its latest partnership with CityFALCON.

The new integration will provide real-time and relevant financial news from 2000+ publications and Twitter for stocks, commodities, forex, indices, and sectors.

Powered by machine learning and crowd-curation, CityFALCON is redefining how financial news is sourced, curated, distributed, and consumed. WiseAlpha’s latest partnership will enable their clients to have access to first-class news alerts on their platform, automatically fed into their system via CityFALCON.

WiseAlpha’s revolutionary Fractional Bond trading platform is a world-first and CityFALCON will now leverage their APIs to offer even more financial knowledge to its users. Clients will now have a wider coverage of the UK corporate bond market, including detailed information for each company that they have invested in.

WiseAlpha is motivated to integrate digital solutions that empower its investors, allowing them to seize rare investment opportunities and to efficiently manage their online portfolios. CityFALCON tracks relevant content for stocks, private companies, sectors, locations, and 300K topics in one place, making it easy for investors to choose what news is specific to their investment. This latest offering is designed to bring ease and simplicity to knowledge gaps in the market, allowing investors to speedily access relevant news articles and to better manage funds across their investment portfolios.

With over 1 billion data points covering news, company filings, Twitter, and fundamental and alternative data in more than 50 languages, WiseAlpha’s new partnership highlights their desire to disrupt the market and revolutionise the way we invest in the future, as well as emphasising their motivation to educate the masses on corporate bonds. The Bond Academy, a free CPD accredited course which helps existing and potential investors get to grips with all aspects of the market, is another example of how WiseAlpha is trying to achieve this goal.

This latest collaboration shows the company’s ongoing pledge to provide an increasingly dynamic service for its users which supports them at critical stages of their investment journey. The new addition is set to support WiseAlpha’s current growth trajectory, reiterating the company’s ambition to fuel investor confidence.

Rezaah Ahmad, the founder and CEO of WiseAlpha Technologies says, “We are delighted to announce our latest partnership with CityFALCON. CityFALCON recognises the importance of delivering the best news and services to their customers. At WiseAlpha, we work to ensure innovation in the corporate debt market and leading the way in our field with high-quality news is key to driving growth.”