Bond Markets – A Brief History of Time

As of 2020, the European High Yield Corporate Bond Market was worth €508 Billion.  In just 10 years the large and well-established asset class continued to develop with the value of outstanding bonds growing more than 370%! When compared to the US High Yield Market, however, the European and Sterling High Yield markets are relatively

What are the different types of Bonds?

Did you know that some high yield bonds give different coupon payments? The High Yield Market has different types of bonds which is useful when achieving a diversified portfolio. So far, our blog series has covered the following: What is a corporate bond? What are credit ratings? What is creditworthiness? Bond security Bond seniority Different

Bonds – First to Win, Last to Lose

Investing in corporate bonds has proved to be an attractive investment opportunity over the last two decades, yielding high returns for keen investors. The bond industry is a multi-trillion dollar market where people invest in all types of debt which can hold good and bad characteristics. Now let’s imagine you and your friend have both

Would you rather have £1,000,000 or a perfect credit rating?

I read a funny conversation on Twitter the other day: would you rather have £1,000,000 or a perfect credit rating? Before I start, you don’t have to ask me twice – I’m taking the £1M, buying a pint and burger from the airport, and booking a one-way ticket out of Birmingham. What made me laugh

New at WiseAlpha | Comms, education and more

Your December 2019 ‘New at WiseAlpha’ is here… As the year draws to a close we’ve been as busy as ever hear at WiseAlpha HQ. We’ve said it before and we will say it again, 2020 is going to be a BIG year for WiseAlpha. So, we’ve been working hard to get everything ready for

New at WiseAlpha | Learning, awards and more

Our latest blog series is designed to keep you in the loop of everything that’s happening here at WiseAlpha so you can make the most of new features, stay updated with company development and be a part of the WiseAlpha community.