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WiseAlpha | Rise and prize

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On Thursday we were invited to The British Bank Awards where we won Best Investments Provider of 2018.

Rezaah, WiseAlpha CEO and team accepting the award for Best Investment Provider 2018.

The British Bank Awards ceremony was hosted in the timeless De Vere Grand Connaught Rooms with around 50 companies nominated and represented.

To be nominated for an award entrants needed a minimum of 100 votes from both customers and investors, the shortlist of all 18 categories were then subject to a public vote. WiseAlpha was shortlisted for all three awards that we were nominated for, Innovation of the Year, Best Newcomer and Best Investment Provider.

After 24,000 votes, we’re ecstatic to announce we have won our first award!

You’re now looking at the Best Investment Provider 2018 as awarded by the British Bank Awards. We’re extremely proud of this award and thankful to everyone who voted for us and made this possible.

For us, this isn’t just an award, it has a more significant meaning. We take pride in keeping an ear to the ground and shaping our products to support the needs of our customers including feeling confident when investing.

Having seen the other platforms we were up against, who have been doing this longer and have larger customer bases, it cements our belief that ensuring our products are of the highest quality will always be the most important thing we can do. A solid foundation is of the upmost importance.

Engaging with our customers and creating meaningful community engagement has been the focus of our growth over the last six months. We hired an in-house marketing team who then in turn ran an advertising campaign dominating the London Underground.

Rezaah, WiseAlpha CEO, Michael, Wise Alpha Investor and Asma, WiseAlpha Community Manager at the British Bank Awards Ceremony.

In summary, this award shows us that we’re not far off our intermediate goals of creating a platform that gives investors more diversity than ever before. We have opened up a multi-trillion asset class to the masses and it’s up to us to educate more and more people everyday on the benefits of having a varied portfolio.

As with all investments your capital is at risk.

See full Risk Statement.