New at WiseAlpha | Enhanced reporting and more

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Here at WiseAlpha we’re always working hard to give you an unrivaled investment experience. 

Earlier in the year, our clever Developers upped our reporting game to give you more insights into your investments. We released a range of new reports including: 

👉 Portfolio Value Report

👉 Gain/Loss Report

👉 Detailed Reports

👉 Tax Reporting

We’ve just enhanced this further to help you keep track of your investment performance. 

Lifetime Interest Earned

You spoke and we listened!

Previously, the Gain/Loss and Interest Earned measures related to your current live investments, it excluded those that had been sold or repaid. 

But no longer! Just call us H G Wells because we created a time machine. You can now click ‘Show Lifetime Reporting’ to include all investments both past and present. 

💃 Account Statement

We’ve made a statement…an account statement. 

Check your new Account Statement report to review all transactions made on your investment account, including cash deposits, purchases, interest payments, sales, and cash withdrawals. 

The statement can also be downloaded as a PDF report or exported into a spreadsheet to review further. 

👀 Don’t tell anyone but…

We’ve got some amazing things coming your way in the next few months including: 

News from CityFalcon- We’re partnering with financial content aggregator CityFalcon to bring you the latest news from the bond market and the companies you’re invested in.

Online Forum- A place for you to share your thoughts and ideas, ask questions and bond with likeminded WiseAlphas, including the team here at HQ.

More new newness will be announced soon, trust me, there’s a lot to be ‘appy about… 📞

As with all investments your capital is at risk.

See full Risk Statement.