New at WiseAlpha | Flexible Investment Account

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You spoke and we listened.

You’ve been asking for a flexible investment account where a portion of your money can be dedicated to intelligent, automated investing via Robowise and the rest can be managed yourself via our self-select market of over 130+ bonds.

Good News! This is now possible. You can hold BOTH types of portfolios under one account.

But we’ve gone one step further… You can now have MULTIPLE Robowise portfolios running simultaneously alongside your self-selected investments.

Not sure whether you’re Adventurous or Balanced? No worries.

Looking to diversify across selected industries or businesses? You can customise your selection.

Here is a short overview of your new account layout.

Already have a Robowise portfolio?

Next time you login to your account you’ll see that all your bonds currently managed by Robowise will be housed in a portfolio with a unique name.

Clicking on the Robowise portfolio will bring up a sidebar with a detailed view of your investment. The sidebar gives an overview of lifetime performance, current Yield to Maturity (YTM) and allows further customisation of your current diversified companies and industries.  You can also change your portfolio name by clicking on the pencil symbol above the name.

Creating a new Robowise portfolio

It’s now easier than ever to create a new Robowise portfolio in just a few minutes… Select your risk profile, optionally customize your companies and industries, and then activate. Done! 

Browse our market and add your own bonds

Now that you have your Robowise portfolio/s set up, you might want to add investments that you pick yourself. To do this simply head to the Market tab and click ‘buy’ under your selected bond. 

Once purchased your self-selected bond/s will be listed individually under your Robowise portfolio/s on your accounts page.

Endless investment opportunities at your fingertips with WiseAlpha.

Got a question? Check out our FAQs, call or message us on live chat.

Please remember that bonds are investments not savings or deposit protected products and your capital and interest is at risk.

As with all investments your capital is at risk. Invest via our Fractional Bonds.

See full Risk Statement.